Born in Seattle, Washington on May 23, 1918, Robert Alexander Blackwell first started his Jazz career after serving time in the United States Marines. In the 1940’s, Robert started his Jazz career by leading a jazz group alongside two other Jazz legends Quincy Jones and Ray Charles. He aided Little Richard’s jumpstarted career in 1955 by working with him and doing some song writing for his first big hit “Tutti Frutti.” Many of his songs that he had written for Little Richie such as “Good Golly Miss Molly” have been covered by several big time artist’s such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley. As a self-taught musician, Robert “Bumps” Blackwell is thought to be “The smoothest bass player that ever lived”, according to his wife, Ruth Saunders. Although Jazz took up much of his time, Robert also found the time to go fishing and cooking. He had 1 daughter, Ingrid Blackwell with his wife of 25 years, Ruth Blackwell. Robert died at the age of 64 from pneumonia at his home in California on March 9, 1985.